Why Coco Color?

Most homes are filled with hundreds of pens, pencils, pastels & paints. But when we want to color on a Smartphone or a Tablet, in most cases its back to the finger. Sure, there are plenty of expensive Stylii out there, designed for industrial designers & professional artists, mostly marketed on pressure sensitivity technology.

Coco Color was born as the 1st Stylus, designed specifically for Coloring & Doodling. It¹s Patented. Coco Color simply puts put all the control back on your hand. Simply pick it up & Press Buttons to Color or Doodle. There¹s no complicated Pairing. Coco Color is also Power Conscious. It is always Off, except when you Press a Button.

Coco Color is not toy. It¹s a complete coloring set in one Stylus. It¹s Fun, Functional & Educational. It is designed for everyone who loves coloring and doodling from Smartphones to Tablets. Younger & older minds love coloring & doodling. We were brought up on it, from our times in school to the latest trend in adult coloring.

Coco Color is not designed to replace art supplies, or our fine motor skills when we use with pens, pencils, pastels and paintbrushes. Coco Color is there to enable people to continue with the same skills when using Smartphones & Tablets.

It¹s difficult to take 48 Pens, 48 Pencils, 48 Pastels & 48 Paints on vacation with you, but you can slip the Coco Color into your pocket, when you take off. Coco Color has 48 colors, 4 Stroke Styles and 4 Stroke Sizes. In total that is 768 different coloring & doodling combinations. It¹s a complete coloring set in one Stylus.

People can¹t bring an App to a birthday party or put it under App under a tree. But, with a Coco Color, you can!